Massages offered


Therapeutic Massage

The one size fits all therapeutic massage. This massage is tailored to the individual client’s needs. It is typically an integration of multiple massage techniques used by the therapist to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate the body.  Please see the benefits section of this site for more.

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

This massage is more than just a treat.  It supports a mother-to-be in having an easier pregnancy, labor, and delivery – as well as helping to ease the physical and emotional demands of motherhood.  Unless otherwise arranged for specific concerns or desires, the massage is typically a full-body massage with special attention in areas noted by the mother-to-be. This massage is designed to aid the mother-to-be by helping to relieve pregnancy related discomforts, increasing her state of relaxation, and stimulating the hormones that protect and support gestation. It is available during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. Makes a great gift!

Advanced Joint Health Massage/ Arthritis Relief

This massage is tailored to the needs of those with Arthritis and joint replacements.  See the multitude of benefits.  A variety of eastern and western medical massage techniques are used to effectively treat and help prevent the discomfort, pain, and lack of mobility.  Courtney has studied with the foremost expert on Arthritis massage in the U.S., is a Certified Medical Massage Therapist for Arthritis, and is certified in Advanced Joint Health Massage Therapy.

Sports Massage

This massage is custom designed for the individual needs of competitive and leisure athletes alike.  Courtney’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science, aids in her understanding of the demands placed upon her athletic clients.  She applies her physiological and anatomical knowledge to help enhance the  body’s ability to recover and athletically perform with greater ease.  Click here for benefits of Sports Massage

Waiting list

Currently we are not taking new clients. To be added to our waiting list, please email your name and phone number using the contact link below. Thank you.


Simply put, in my experience there is no one more in tune with (or in touch with) what the human body needs than Courtney DiCarlo. She is a master in the healing arts.
N Wells
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